lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

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domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015

TERROR IN PARIS!!!! Nous sommes tous Paris!!!

It's terrible what happened last Friday , 13th November
 in Paris. It is a surprising fact in the XXI century, a 
slaughter of people of any religion, terrorists with
 machine guns, explosives to immolate themselves
 in the name of their god. Islamists say that Allah 
is peace , it is true , but there are Islamist radicals 
that do attacks to cities etc..

The so-called Yihadist have said that they will 
attack again. Their new goals are London, 
Rome and Granada! I'm a little scared by 
the attacks.Hopefully there will no more attacks.

Jose Manuel Diaz España 4ºB

martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

Eating less meat could save 45,000 lives a year, experts claim.

Obviously meat is necessary for the life , because it has vitamins and nutrients that we need.
I don´t think that eating meat can produce cancer , because a lot of people have always eaten meat.

The notice may cause crisis in the meat industry and in the restaurants or markets selling meat .
The people will stop eating meat , the livestock industry will close .Now, there are many fast food places and that leads to obesity in most people. 

Jose Manuel Diaz España 4ºB 


domingo, 15 de marzo de 2015


Lo puede encontrar aquí en el blog de Alberto :
''El mio es el que pone Jose Manuel Diaz España''

O directamente desde el Prezi :

Tsunami in Japan and four years later... debris found in US coasts, JUST AMAZING!!!

My commentary :

Tsunamis and earthquakes are internal movements of the earth that are almost always destrcutivos to humans . Formerly there was no equipment to detect earthquakes and tsunamis today if there.Best to avoid deaths in these phenomena is evacuate all people to leave there and warn before it happens

In 2004 there was a tsunami in the ocean indicated caused by an undersea earthquake 30km from the surface which lasted about 10 minutes . There were many deaths in different countries of the Indian ocean coast earthquake was of magnitude 9.1 .

I think humans are ultimately more prepared for these phenomena

sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Learn REAL ENGLISH from movies

When I was little the transformers were nothing more than a cartoon I saw at home. But over time they have evolved new personajees inventing new versions etc ... In my opinion all series of cartoons today are turning to that and I do not like. For example: When I was seven years had only 100-150 pokemons. But now there are 1500 pokemons¡¡¡¡

My transformers has always liking me but eventually the only thing I like are the movies I see new series and have what made me like it when I was little. In my opinion the industry cartoons are spoiling this for wanting to reinvent itself.